8470 Sweetheart

Inspired and designed for the young princess, SweetHeart is an American fairytale come true. Soft, feminine curves with delicate ribbon and floral scrollwork create an atmosphere that cultivates the fanciful imagination of daddy's little girl. SweetHeart is the backdrop for the ballerina's studio, the supermodel's dressing room, or the young socialite's hideaway.

  • 8470-530 Headboard (Twin 3/3) 45w x 5d x 58h 8470-531 Footboard (Twin 3/3 with slats) 45w x 4d x 32h
    8470-532 Headboard (Full 4/6) 61w x 5d x 62h 8470-533 Footboard (Full 4/6 w/ Slats) 61w x 4d x 35h

  • 8470-635 Footboard (Twin 3/3) 43w x 3d x 17h 8470-636 Storage FB (Twin 3/3) 43w x 20d x 17h
    8470-637 Princess HB (Full 4/6) 61w x 7d x 53h 8470-638 Footboard (Full 4/6 w/ slats) 59W x 3D x 17H

  • 8470-634 Princess Upholstered HB (Twin 3/3) 45w x 7d x 51h
    8470-401 Bed Rails Twin 3/3 - Full 4/6 76w x 1d x 5h

  • 8470-639 Storage Footboard (Full 4/6) 59w x 20d x 17h 8470-637 Princess HB (Full 4/6) 61w x 7d x 53h
    8470-411 Storage Bed Rails (Twin 3/3 - Full 4/6) 76W x 2D x 12H

  • 8470-430 Mirror 36w x 3d x 41h
    8470-410 Dresser (7 drawers) 56w x 19d x 36h

  • 8470-414 Desk 50w x 21d x 30h 8470-453 Desk Hutch 51w x 12d x 31h
    8470-452 Chair 20w x 23d x 40h

  • 8470-440 Chest (5 drawers) 38w x 18d x 50h

  • 8470-445 Door Wardrobe (1 door, 2 drawers, 2 adjustable shelves, hanging bar) 26w x 18d x 62h

  • 8470-450 Nightstand (2 drawers, hidden storage, power) 36w x 3d x 41h
    8470-451 Nightstand Back Panel (3 photo frames, corkboard, wire management) 25w x 4d x 19h