8890 Madison

Dreams do come true with Madison. Case pieces are crafted with a fresh linen finish. Rounded edges, framed panels and upholstered beds with nail head trim add sophistication to this timeless collection.

  • 8890-532 Upholstered HB (Full 4/6) 58w x 6d x 60h 8890-530 Upholstered HB (Twin 3/3) 41w x 6d x 60h
    8890-539 Storage FB (Full 4/6) 60w x 23d x 20h 8890-534 Storage FB (Twin 3/3) 44w x 23d x 20h

  • 8890-533 Footboard (Full 4/6) 60w x 4d x 20h 8890-531 Footboard (Twin 3/3) 44w x 4d x 20h
    8890-801 Trundle Storage Unit (Twin 3/3) 75w x 41d x 12h

  • 8890-730 Bunk Bed Ends (Twin 3/3) 42w x 5d x 76h 8890-731 Bunk Bed Ladder 13w x 3d x 53h
    8890-732 Bunk Bed Rails

  • 8890-750 Day Bed Ends (3/3) 42w x 4d x 35h 8890-643 Underbed Storage Unit 76w x 20d x 19h
    8890-751 Day Bed Back and Rails 81w x 3d x 51h 8890-801 Trundle Storage Unit (Twin 3/3) 75w x 41d x 12h

  • 8890-413 Hutch 50w x 12d x 30h 8890-414 Desk 50w x 22d x 31h
    8890-452 Desk Chair 81w x 3d x 51h

  • 8890-430 Landscape Mirror 35w x 2d x 39h 8890-410 Drawer Dresser 56w x 18d x 35h 7 drawers

  • 8890-450 Nightstand 24w x 16d x 25h

  • 8890-445 Door Wardrobe 27w x 18d x 62h