8466 Summertime

A distinct and refreshing collection that fills any space with a bright, welcoming atmosphere while leaving plenty of room to breathe. Summertime offers a remarkable versatility. Design elements like subtle planking and soft curves and a clean, bright white finish establish a cheerful, cozy environment for sleepovers and pillow fights, or a casual, inviting retreat for guests as a second bedroom.

Is it casual? Is it contemporary? It's Summertime! Summertime offers three popular bed styles in multiple sizes and configurations to adapt to any style or space requirements.

  • 8466-630 Low Post HB (Twin 3/3) 42w x 3d x 55h 8466-631 Low Post FB (Twin 3/3 w/ Slats) 42w x 3d x 33h
    8466-632 Low Post HB (Full 4/6) 58w x 3d x 55h 8466-633 Low Post FB (Full 4/6 w/ Slats) 58w x 3d x 33h

  • 8466-453 Desk Hutch 46w x 14d x 46h 8466-452 Chair 19w x 22d x 37h
    8466-414 Desk 48w x 20d x 30h

  • 8466-410 Drawer Dresser 56w x 18d x 35h 8466-430 Mirror 38w x 3d x 42h

  • 8466-440 Chest 40w x 18d x 50h

  • 8466-401 Bed Rails (Twin 3/3 - Full 4/6) 76w x 1d x 5h

  • 8466-740 Day Bed Ends Twin 3/3 42w x 3d x 38h
    8466-741 Day Bed Back & Rails 84W x 3D x 48H (shown with optional 801 Trundle Unit)

  • 8466-450 Nightstand 24w x 16d x 25h 8466-451 Nightstand Back Panel 24w x 2d x 18h

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